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Student-Athlete Eligibility Standards

Bay Path University provides its students with a challenging and well-rounded education. The University sees varsity athletics as an important part of that education by promoting leadership, communication, greater self-confidence, self-discipline and good work habits that contribute to their educational success. Consistent with NCAA and University principles and values regarding academics the following criteria has been defined to determine the minimum standards for academic eligibility for varsity student-athletes at Bay Path University.

All student-athletes to be eligible to represent Bay Path University in athletic competition, the student-athlete must:

  • Be a full-time student. This requires that the student-athlete be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit hours. Should a student-athlete fall below 12 credit hours during their season, he/she becomes immediately ineligible for competition and must notify the Director of Athletics

  • Earn 3/4 of all credits attempted. ("credits attempted" for the purposes of these standards will not include official withdrawals.) Credits earned will be those with grades of A through D and also a grade of P. No other grades will be considered as credits earned.

  • Be in good academic standing. All students must also have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 each semester of full-time enrollment to be eligible to participate and a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.00 each semester of full-time enrollment to be eligible to participate.

  • Maintain satisfactory progress towards a baccalaureate degree. Be making satisfactory progress in a baccalaureate, equivalent or higher program. This requires that the student-athlete accumulate (pass) a minimum total of twenty-four (24) credit hours the two immediately previous semesters of attendance. No more than 12 institutional credit hours earned during summers and/or during non-terms may be applied to meet the 24 institutional credit hour requirements. Such credit must be earned after one or both of the two immediately previous terms of attendance.

  • Academic Probation. A student will be placed on academic probation the semester after the one in which she has not met academic progress standards. Therefore the student-athlete on academic probation is ineligible to participate on a varsity sports team for that semester. After one semester of probationary status, if she has not met the progress standards of that semester, she will be suspended.

  • Transfer Students need to have been a) released and b) certified in writing as having been eligible had they remained by their previous institution to waive the year in residence rule.

Athletic Participation Rules

  • Any athlete whose name appears on the official eligibility sheet for a varsity sport is ineligible to play or participate in any other varsity sport without a release from their coach until the season is completed for that particular sport.
  • A physical examination performed by a physician and signed must be on record and dated no more than 6 months BEFORE any initial participation in non-traditional or traditional season of practice or competition. 
  • Each student-athlete must carry primary insurance through their own personal or the college policy. Please see the sports medicine section of the handbook or contact the athletic training staff with questions on our current insurance policies.
  • In Division III the student-athlete must complete their 4 seasons of participation during the first 10 semesters in which the student is enrolled in a collegiate institution in at least a minimum full-time program of studies. (NCAA Rule)
  • Any participation in an athletic contest during a season in an intercollegiate sport (including scrimmages), regardless of time, shall be counted as a season of competition in that sport. An exception to this could be a hardship ruling as specified by the NCAA. Cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and field shall be considered separate sports. (NCAA Rule)
  • Amateur status (as defined by the NCAA) must be maintained.
  • A student is eligible to participate immediately if they have transferred from one Division III institution to another Division III institution and are in good academic standing. The student is also eligible to compete immediately if they transfer from a Division I, II or junior college institution to a Division III institution. NAIA schools are regarded as Division II institutions.