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David Wallace
David Wallace
Title: Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR)
Phone: 413-565-1469

Dave Wallace is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and is in his sixth year at Bay Path College.  During this time, he has taught courses in Introductory Psychology, Health Psychology, Personality Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Suicide:  Assessment and Treatment, First Year Experience; and taught honours sections on Darwin and Evolution as well as Drugs and Culture.

Dr. Wallace received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Alberta in 1992, following which he attended the APA/CPA accredited University of Windsor to receiving training in Clinical Psychology.  He graduated with his M.A. in Clinical Psychology in 1994, with his thesis examining the relationship between attitudes towards suicide and suicidal behaviour.  During his doctoral program, Dr. Wallace received training in many forms of psychotherapy, including cognitive, gestalt, experiential, psychodynamic, group, couples, and family therapy.  He has a particular interest in college mental health, and in incorporating spirituality into psychology practise.  He also continued his research on the relationship between attitudes and behaviour, and in 1997 was the recipient of the inaugural "Research Student Award" of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention for the best student research in Canada on the topic of suicide.  He has presented and chaired sessions on various aspects of suicide in both Canada and the US.  He received his PhD in 2001 in Clinical Psychology from the University of Windsor, and continues a research program examining suicide attitude-behaviour relationships.

Since joining Bay Path College in 2004, Dr. Wallace has taken on the role as the advisor for the Psychology Club and the Gaming Club.  Since 2006, he has also taken on the role of Faculty Athletic Representative for Bay Path College, serving as a liaison between the College and the NCAA, as well as between student-athletes and their professors.  In 2007, Dr. Wallace also initiated the Bay Path Research Group (to facilitate research and collaboration amongst faculty), and the Faculty-Student Forum, whose purpose is to expose students, staff, and faculty to additional issues and debate in order to promote outside the classroom learning.