Bay Path Hosts Sports' Awards Banquet

 Sports Awards Banquet

April 28, 2013


The 2012-13 Bay Path College Sports Awards Banquet was held on April 28, 2013 and honored the student- athletes, coaches and staff of the 8 varsity teams. Dr. Carol Leary welcomed all present and the awards program continued on with team & individual accomplishments being honored and recognized for their achievements.

The ceremony also recognized the academic achievements, fundraising and community service projects of the teams and student-athletes. Those receiving honors included: BPC Team Award, Softball; NFHCA All- American status Field Hockey; NFCA All-American status Softball and each team was noted for attaining a CGPA above 3.1 and over 30 student-athletes receiving Dean’s List Honors.  The graduating seniors were also recognized and presented roses on behalf of the athletic department.


The Student-Athlete of the Year Award was given to Ashley Provost, four year volleyball player for her team leadership, dedication, academics.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council Award or SAAC Award was given to Stephanie Belsen, three year field hockey player and 1st year lacrosse player.

Below you will find a list of Award winners.

2012-13 Bay Path College Awards; Presented by the Head Coach

Cross Country: (Presented by: Amanda Rodriguez)

MVR: Lian Brumaghim

MIR: Megan Wise

Team/Spirit Award: Jessica Fields


Basketball: (Presented by: Jill Shaw)

MVP: Kayla Skiffington

MIP: Gladys Reed

Team/Spirit Award: Jessica Santiago


Field Hockey: (Presented by: Katie Jones)

MVP: Danielle Poulin

MIP: Deanna Flagg

Brick Award (for Spirit): Ruth Choate


Soccer: (Presented by: Nick Chapman)

MVP: Emily Serrano

MIP: Marina Rhodes

Ryan Award (for Spirit): Samantha Bujak


Volleyball: (Presented by: Natalie Stothart)

MVP: Ashley Provost

MIP: Arriadne Sykes

Team/Spirit Award: Amanda McEntee


Tennis: (Presented by: Steve Morneau)

MVP:  Symone Watson

MIP:  Stephanie Morin

Team/Spirit Award: Teanna Montoya


Lacrosse: (Presented by: Nick Chapman)

MVP: Jillian O’Melia

MIP:  Samantha Salerno

Team/Spirit Award: Shelby Regan


Softball: (Presented by: Steve Smith)

MVP: Emily Serrano

MIP: Corin Lash-Wheeler

Team/Spirit Award: Marina Rhodes


Student-Athlete of the Year Award: Ashley Provost (Volleyball)

Student-Athlete Advisory Council Award (SAAC): Stephanie Belsen (Field Hockey & Lacrosse)

TEAM Award for Academic Excellence (Highest cGPA past 2 semesters): Softball Team


Senior Student-Athletes Recognized

Volleyball:  Ashley Provost

Cross Country:  Danielle Brown, Megan Costello, Zulyma Molina

Tennis: None

Field Hockey: Danielle Poulin, Elizabeth Barclay, Deanna Flagg

Basketball: Brittney Alexander

Softball: Marissa Stone, Nicole Dexter

Lacrosse: Rachael Barber

2012-13 New England Collegiate Conference (NECC)
and Sports Association Awards

Cross  Country:

Team Awards & Highlights

• Received the 2011 NECC Sportsmanship Award (Voted by the NECC Coaches)

• 5th Place Finish at NECC Championships

• Competed in NECC Championships

• Competed in the NCAA East Regional (hosted at Bowdoin College)

Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

• Fall NECC All-Academic Achievement

     ○    Danielle Brown

     ○    Meagan Costello



Team Awards & Highlights

• Most Wins in a season (12) in past 10 years

• Finished 5th in regular season

• Qualified for NECC Championships

Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

• 2nd team All-NECC Basketball Team- Kayla Skiffington


Field Hockey:

Team Awards & Highlights

●    Finished 7th in regular season

●    Received the NFHCA Academic All-American Team Award

 Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

●    1st team All-NECC Field HockeyTeam

●    Fall NECC All-Academic Achievement

     ○    Deanna Flagg

     ○    Anna Bankowski

     ○    Stephanie Belsen

     ○    Ruth Choate



 Team Awards & Highlights

●    Finished 8th in regular season

 Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

●    Fall NECC All-Academic Achievement

     ○    Keelin Dougherty

     ○    Emily Serrano



 Team Awards & Highlights

●    Received the 2012 NECC Sportsmanship Award (Voted by the NECC Coaches)

●    Most wins in a season (14)

●    Finished 4th in regular season

●    Qualified for NECC Championships

 Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

●    1st team All-NECC Volleyball Team - Kacie Bayreuther

●    NECC Defensive Player of the Year

●    Fall NECC All-Academic Achievement

     ○    Ashley Provost

     ○    Katherine Bartels



 Team Awards & Highlights

●    Received the Bay Path College TEAM Academic Award (Highest CGPA past 2 semesters)

●    Finished 2nd in regular season

●    Qualified for NECC Championships

 Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

●    1st Team All-NECC Tennis Singles - Symone Watson

●    1st Team All-NECC Tennis Doubles - Brittany Walsh & Taylor Wood

●    Fall NECC All-Academic Achievement

     ○    Teanna Montoya

     ○    Symone Watson



Team Awards & Highlights

●    Received the NECC Sportsmanship Award

●    Finished in 6th place regular season with 2-5 overall and 0-5 NECC



 Team Awards & Highlights

●    Received the NFCA Academic All-American Team Award

●    Finished 8th in regular season with a record of 16-22 overall 8-10 NECC

 Individual Student-Athlete Awards & Highlights

●    NECC Player of the Week

     ○    Keelin Dougherty

     ○    Nicole Dexter

●    NECC Rookie of the Week

     ○    Anna Meyer